About Accis


The ACCIS database contains:

  • Records of all primary cancers diagnosed in the residents of well-defined registration areas in Europe since 1970, in patients younger than 20 years at diagnosis

  • Records of all subsequent primary tumours in these patients, irrespective of the age of their occurrence

  • Relevant population data

  • Coding dictionaries

  • Comments on individual datasets.

The current version of the ACCIS database, completed at the end of 2004, contains:

  • Data from 78 population-based cancer registries (paediatric and general)

  • 1,300 million person-years at risk of developing cancer before the age of 20 years

  • 160,000 cases of incident cancer in patients younger than 20 years at diagnosis, including multiple tumours of these patients that occurred at a later age.

Datasets included in the database at the end of 2004 were centrally validated in collaboration with the contributing registries. Data were automatically verified and classified using the CHILD-CHECK program [4], based on ICD-O-2 [5]. Tumours were classified according to the International Classification of Childhood Cancer [3]. All datasets were evaluated as comparable by the members of the ACCIS Scientific Committee. Additional information on each dataset that may aid the interpretation of the results is summarized in Comments.

A subset of the ACCIS database, assessed as containing comparable data, was analysed and interpreted in a number of publications.

A new Call for data was officially launched in 2011, with the aim of supplementing the ACCIS database with records from new registries or additional calendar years.