The Automated Childhood Cancer Information System (ACCIS) is an authoritative source of data on cancer incidence and survival of children and adolescents in Europe. The primary aim of the ACCIS project is to widely disseminate comprehensive information about the occurrence and outcome of various cancers in the young European population. The ACCIS results stimulate research and inform public health policies.



The updated ACCIS database has been used to analyse time trends in cancer incidence over the period 1991-2010 in Europe.
Data from more than 50 population-based cancer registries in 19 European countries were used to analyse temporal trends and geographical patterns in the population of children (age 0-14 years) and adolescents (age 15-19 years). Based on more than 180 000 cases arising in 1.3 billion person-years, the average annual increase in the incidence rate was 0.5% in children and 1.0% in adolescents [31].

The full study describing the trends by tumour group, age range, and European region was published online (open access) in The Lancet Oncology on 8 August 2018 and can be downloaded.



Last update: 09 August 2018