About Accis

Scientific Committee 2000-2004

The members of the ACCIS Scientific Committee during the period 2000-2004 were:

Dr Franco Berrino Director, Epidemiology Unit, National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy
Dr Jan Willem Coebergh Research Director of Eindhoven Cancer Registry, Consulting Epidemiologist to the Dutch Childhood Leukaemia Study Group, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Dr Peter Kaatsch Director, German Childhood Cancer Registry, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
Dr Brigitte Lacour Coordinator, French National Registry of Childhood Solid Tumours, Children's Hospital, Vandoeuvre, France
Mr Charles Stiller Research Officer, Childhood Cancer Research Group, Department of Paediatrics, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr Max Parkin IARC, Chief, Unit of Descriptive Epidemiology
Dr Eva Steliarova-Foucher IARC, Unit of Descriptive Epidemiology, Scientist in charge