Call for data


A questionnaire has been designed as a part of the submission materials to fulfil several objectives:

  • To help the ACCIS Scientific Committee to understand the data
  • To provide additional information on each dataset (cf. Commentary)
  • To produce statistics on cancer registration practices among the participants
  • To offer the registries a way of communicating their feedback
  • To confirm or update contact details
  • To record the commitment of the registry to participating.

The data collected through the questionnaire will serve exclusively for the above purposes.

The online questionnaire was developed by , who will respond to any comments on its technical aspects.


The questionnaire should be completed online. The principal advantages of online completion of the questionnaire are that data are recorded directly into a database, thus avoiding potential errors arising accidentally during data transfer, and all information is stored electronically for your records.

The questionnaire may be accessed either from the ACCIS website or from the Registries Portal. In both instances, the usual username and password should be used. Should you have any problem with accessing or completing the online questionnaire, please contact us.


The questionnaire consists of 22 short pages.

It can be completed in several different sessions. The information already entered will be saved on clicking the "next page" button. Only on the last page of the questionnaire should the "save" button be used to save the contents of this page.

Occasionally, an error message will appear if the required answer is not provided or if it is unexpected. Please correct your answer or contact us if you have difficulties. Some questions are mandatory and must be answered before proceeding to the next page. Help icons on each page should provide sufficient context-sensitive help where necessary.

Some answers are pre-populated with responses received in previous surveys. The relevant fields need to be accessed only if the displayed answer needs to be changed.

The questionnaire is submitted on clicking the "submit" button on the last page. The date of the submission will be added automatically when the "submit" button is activated. At the same time, the completed questionnaire will be sent to the email address(es) provided in the questionnaire by the respondent, with a pdf version of the questionnaire attached, showing the answers provided. At the same time the questionnaire will also be submitted to IARC.

The completed questionnaire will remain available online after the submission. It is possible to correct your questionnaire by resubmitting it. At the time of analysis, only the latest submitted version will be taken into account.